Here it is: The final cover of Mad World 0

Here’s an exciting, exclusive preview of what the final front and back of our book would look like if there were no pages in-between. (The finished product will have pages in-between. So we’re told.)

Mad World Cover

If you think it looks good, that’s a testament to the work and talent of Evan Gaffney, who also designed Jacqueline Suzanne’s Valley of the Dolls, Carrie Fisher’s Wishful Drinking and Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge. But enough about those authors — Evan says Mad World was one of his favorite projects ever, because it brought him thisclose to living out his dream of art-directing The Face.

With such a rich and varied stew of artists featured in Mad World, it was a complicated and painful task to select only three iconic acts to appear on the front cover and represent the book in its entirety. Ultimately, we went with Adam Ant, Morrissey and Duran Duran. But if you’re a rabid devoted new wave fan and you feel your own personal idol should have been given pride of place, feel free to send us your own idea of what our cover should look like.


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